Cleaning Your Wedding Gown

Cleaning Options:

Dry Cleaning

The first and most popular cleaning option is, of course, the local Dry Cleaners. Over the years I have heard and experienced, first hand, some terrible dry cleaning incidents involving precious garments.

But please don’t let that scare you off as there are some great ones out there too. I recommend Leon’s Fine Dry Cleaners in East Brisbane. The team is super professional and very lovely.

When in doubt Dry Cleaning is the way to go just remember take your care instruction card with you.

Budget for between $300 and $500.

Front Loader - Delicate Cycle

Wash each garment separately on a Delicate Cycle (one cycle each) in a Front Loader only. I recommend using a wool or gentle detergent on a cold water setting.

When the cycle is complete the garments should still be quite wet, place them on padded coat hangers and hang in a shaded spot, somewhere they can slowly drip dry.

You will find any residual dirt will travel down the gown, with the water, and gather at the hem. You may need to hand-wash the hem again and/or trim it if the embroidery has frayed a little.

It is unlikely that anything will shrink although a slip may feel a firmer when you first pop it back on. Once you are back in it for a bit it will warm to the shape of your body and be super comfy.

Hand Washing

Take a look at this Megan Nielson blog post below for more details about hand-washing delicate items.

How to hand wash delicate fabrics.

Storing Your Wedding Gown

If you would like to get your gown professionally boxed up for storage, most dry-cleaners will do this for you.

I recommend getting a couple of quotes first as this can be a surprisingly expensive service.

Alternatively you can DIY this special process. Check out this box from Kikki.K this Acid free tissue paper and this Youtube tutorial. (I Love this Tutorial)

Jennifer Gifford