Why I Do What I Do


I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself properly;

Hi, I’m Jennifer but my friends call me Jenny or Jen.

I have always loved to create beautiful things from scratch.

I started sewing at seven & never really stopped.

Even when I was travelling (backpacking) the world in my late teens, I always managed to find someone who had a machine and a project for me to help with.

It’s in my blood and it’s what I love to do most.

I grew up in Mackay in the 80’s and 90’s, daughter to Bill and Barb two of the hardest working people you are ever likely to meet. I have five siblings and we are all quite close, my sister Emma and brother Will both live in Greenslopes and my parents live in a cottage “next door” (in our garden). 

I moved to Brisbane in 2002 with my daughter Neve (who was four at the time) determined to show her she could do anything she wanted in life.

What I really wanted most was to study costume design and work in the theatre and on movies. {yes, I am a musical tragic and Bridal was the last thing I ever wanted to do until...) 

Due to a series of what seemed like unfortunate events I ended up having to get a job. Luckily one of my favourite teachers at TAFE gave me the details of an ex student who needed a part time machinist. 

In April that year I landed a job with Kym Scott Couture and fell completely in love with the way Kym created these beautiful, elegant and modern wedding gowns.  I also met my future husband Scott shortly afterwards in July of 2002 at The Holland Park Hotel. So Australian! 

I worked with Kym for over four years and we became extremely close. So much so when I married Scott in 2008 I asked Kym to be my Bridesmaid, joining my younger sister Emma who was my Maid of Honour and my daughter Neve as my junior maid.  

I then went on to work for several other local wedding gown designers including Wendy Makin, until I found myself without a steady job in 2009. Unfortunately my employer at the time had to downsize due to the financial crisis. I was persuaded to get an ABN and do outsourcing from home, that was when Jennifer Gifford Designs was born.

Over the years of working for different bridal companies, I learnt a lot about how to construct a beautiful gown. More importantly though, I learnt how best to help a Bride navigate her exciting and often stressful wedding journey.

I pride myself on “keeping it real”, I have a certain style which resonates with girls who are also seeking a relaxed and personal wedding gown experience.


I work entirely on my own {I do not employ anyone to sew for me} so at your fittings you will always see me not a shop assistant. This is why I will only be taking two” Made to Measure” Brides per month as of June 30th 2019.

I am completely invested in you and your Big Day and want to make the time we spend together as relaxed and fun as possible. I love hearing your ideas about Bridesmaids dresses, flower choices & suit colours. I also love helping solve any problems along the way such as finding Mum a beautiful outfit {even though I can’t sew one for her}.

I consider creating a gown for a bride a partnership of sorts. We will be spending time together making the most important garment you will ever wear. I want you to know that I care deeply about your experience and I am here to help, including being a shoulder to cry on if need be. It gives me such joy to be able to help my Brides feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on their Big Day. Having your gown made by me is more than just choosing your design and turning up for fittings. It’s a beautiful time to spend with family and friends in preparation for the day you marry the one you love most.

Jennifer Gifford