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Project DeStash

Help me clear my huge stash of fabrics by designing some “One of a Kind” gowns together!

Yes that’s right, you get to have your say on what I create every month or so.

I’ll be asking you to help me pick the fabrics I use, the type of garment I make, the size and what we call her.

All by way of Social media. Read on to find out more.

What is a Destash?

“destash. Verb. (third-person singular simple present destashes, present participle destashing, simple past and past participle destashed) (textiles, informal) To remove (a yarn, fabric, equipment, etc.) from one's collection.”

Well, you often find that us creative types also tend to be hoarders of some sort. Personally I hate the fabric wastage when cutting out a design. I have always tried to be sensible with the way I cut patterns so I make the most of each piece I use. This isn’t always easy and due to the way I order my “specialty fabrics”, or laces and embroidered tulles, in pieces {which can be anywhere from 3 meters to 13 meters} wastage {having leftover fabrics} is sometimes unavoidable.

More often than not what’s left is to small a piece to make a full garment or in some cases not a fabric that I want to use again in another design. Sometimes my supplier will discontinue a fabric leaving me to not only sell the Sample gown, that I can no longer order fabrics for, but then I have to decide what to do with the pieces of fabric I may have left over.

So what do you you do with all of this leftover fabric? You pop it in a ziplock bag and keep it in a box, because you just never know, it may come in useful for something, sometime in the future right…?

Not likely! So you have a Destash.

A traditional form of a Destash is to sell the fabric pieces for a greatly reduced price to other sewers or crafty people. But for me this isn’t much fun and TBH I am not sure that there are that many people out there who are in the market for 1.7 meters of ivory embroidered tulle even if it has a beautiful 3D flower detail on it.

I do feel however that there may be quite a few closet creatives out there who are dying to have some input into the design of a “one of”f or “limited edition” Bridal gown! And it’s even more likely that there are some Bride’s to Be who would love the chance to help design and ultimately have the chance to own one of these gowns.

I want to bring you along with me on a creative journey where you can help me make some really beautiful and unique garments using the limited pieces of specialty fabrics I have in my stash. I want to take you behind the scenes where I’ll share interesting techniques I use to construct some of my gowns and get you to help me:

  1. Choose the fabrics (Speciality and plains)

  2. Create a design (bodice, neckline, sleeve, skirt, train)

  3. Decide on a size from a 6-14 AU (Anything bigger or smaller becomes tricky and I will explain this in more detail later)

  4. And once she is done we can give her a name.

I will then put a very reasonable price on her and put her in the studio for one lucky Bride to take home.

Sounds like fun hey!? If you would like to be a part of this Project simply follow me on instagram @jennifergifforddesigns and have your say when I post my Destash Project poles on my stories.

I will give you plenty of time to have your say posting my poles either first thing in the morning or very late in the evening.

If you want to have even more input and access to the design process sign up for my newsletter for exclusive content and creative opportunities.

There is also a form below for anyone interested in purchasing “Blind Bags” of scrap fabrics. These will be $40 each + P&H and will contain a variety of small scraps from many of my past and present designs.

Let’s get this Project underway, keep an eye on my Stories this week for the three Fabric options for our first creation together!



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