The real reason some Bridal Stores say NO to photos.

Jennifer Gifford Designs Studio

There are actually three factors in this answer…It’s not because we are worried you will get another dressmaker to “COPY” a design to make a “cheaper” version. If that is what you wanted to do, you could easily get images off the internet for this purpose. So here’s the truth…


No 1.  You are most likely trying on an ill-fitting sample gown that doesn’t give you a clear picture of how perfectly your gown will fit you once it has been lovingly handmade by me!

No. 2.  Even though I have plenty of windows and lovely lights in my studio on occasion the lighting is poor. I chose my lights to create a lovely relaxed mood and it’s just fine when trying on gowns.  However when you are taking a picture on a mobile phone it can be very unflattering.  Which brings me to…

No. 3.  We love taking pictures on our phones BUT when we are showing this image to a trusted friend or family member, for their opinion/approval, it can be utterly crushing to get their response.  This 2D image is not a true representation of how you really looked and more importantly felt in the gowns you have shortlisted as favourites.

Believe me these three things combined can be the difference between you saying “Yes to the Dress” or feeling like you are back at square one. 

All because someone you love and trust, who perhaps wasn’t with you at your first appointment, didn’t love the 2D image of you in “THE DRESS” (a Sample that didn’t fit properly), taken in My Studio’s adequate but “non-professional lighting”, on a friends mobile phone, which sadly isn’t the same as a DSLR. 

This is why I actually recommend that you take a short film as well as a few photos. In my opinion footage of you moving around in the gown is more honest than a 2D image taken on a phone in poor lighting.


But please remember, it is always polite to ask first.

Jennifer Gifford