Jennifers tips for reducing Wedding Stress #1

In this blog series I will share tips with you regularly on ways you can reduce the stresses of planning your wedding.

These blog posts will not be about planning or spreadsheets or budgets! Although there may be mention of them.

Instead I have some suggestions on ways to remove yourself from these things (that generally cause the stress) by encouraging you to take time out and have some fun.

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Exercise and Diet


That’s not fun I hear you groaning!

I totally agree with you, BUT, think about it this way if you look at the old saying “you are what you eat” and really literalise it, if that’s even proper grammar.

Eating food that is not in is natural form or that has been put through a lot of “stresses” to be in its consumer-able state ie. deep fried anything is not going to be the most ideal nourishment for reducing stress on your body.

I am by no means suggesting you go on some crazy unrealistic diet, far from it! What I would like you to really consider is how, what you eat can affect your mood, blood sugar, sleeping habits and yes your weight.

Here are a few things that can be easily modified in your life to help your body cope with more stress

Opt to eat in as often as possible, make your own lunch to take to work because even a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich is better for your body than hot chips or a rogan josh. It’s also better for your budget too. I am such a fan of tinned soup, eggs on toast or even baked bean toasties for dinners especially if you are short on time and would normally get takeout. Again think of how much money you could save as well!!!

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If you are both already doing a sport or regularly hit the gym that’s awesome! You are probably already set up to cope with some of the most stressful things that will come up during planning. But why not step out of the normal routine and try something else especially if you are trying to change your weight or body shape. The usual exercise you are doing may not be ideal for toning the arms and back or shaping hips and thighs. What ever the area you want to work on perhaps chat to a personal trainer or your coach.

If you are more like me and don’t go to a gym regularly or play sport here are a few things you can do that will set you up to cope with stressful moments.

Go for a regular walk, whenever you get the opportunity, pop those walking shoes on and head out the door. The main thing you are aiming for on these walks is finding a calmness and separation from the noise going on in your head. Put your headphones on and listen to your favourite tunes. See how many birds you can observe or watch the way the wind rustles the branches on a big tree. Even cheat a little and drive to a really beautiful neighbourhood, park up and walk someone else’s streets. Admire the beautiful gardens and stunning houses and let yourself dream a little. You will feel lighter and less stressed afterwards just try it!

Other fun things that you can do together.

Hire a couple of Kayaks from Riverlife

Go horse riding, find recommendations HERE.

Heard of Boot Camp? How about Hoot Camp?! Flipside Circus have heaps of FUN fitness options for adults including Hoot Camp and Advanced Juggling!!

Dancing (no not ballroom) Lights Out No Lycra is the best fun ever!

Whatever you choose to do and eat make sure you are kind to yourself.

Try to see it as a way of honouring you and your fiance in the preparation for your moment together in the spotlight.

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Jennifer Gifford