Jennifer Gifford in her Studio in Greenslopes - Image by Florido Weddings

Hi I'm Jennifer but my friends call me Jen! I'm a true romantic at heart with a slight rebellious streak and an eternal love for weddings.

I think I have the best job in the world; Creating beautiful feminine and unique bridal gowns for some pretty awesome girls. I love what I do and I think it shows in the gowns I create and also in the relationships I build with my Brides and their families. Having a wedding gown made by me is more than just fittings and appointments. It’s about experiences and memories, created with your loved ones, that will last a lifetime. My beautiful studio in Greenslopes is a quiet and private space designed to be a sanctuary for you to relax, unwind and enjoy your wedding journey. I work By Appointment Only to ensure you have my complete attention during the time we are together.

I look forward to meeting you and learning all about your ideal wedding.

Hopefully I can be of help.

Jen x



Our favourite Wedding photo

Last year Scott and I are celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We were married on August 8th 2008, a very auspicious date.

This is the only wedding photo we have framed on the wall in our living room. It was taken by the second shooter to use up the rest of his film. When we ordered it as our "framed print" the photographer actually sent us a different image thinking we had made a mistake! Nope, so we ended up with two framed pictures, one of which now hangs in my Mother In Laws' dining room.

It's special because it means something to us. This is the first moment Scott and I had been alone together as husband and wife. I had just asked him to check the time on his phone (which was in his Sporran) to see if we could squeeze in a drink together before the reception. So romantic! So Us!

Side note: How good do guys look in Kilts??!


My bang up chat with Alana Salm



An informal interview with

Eva from Foreva Events.


This lovely behind the scenes film was created by Eva from The Bride Code to help Brides navigate the sometimes confusing and stressful process of finding their dream wedding gown. Filmed on location at my old studio in Milton in June of 2017, it has some great little snippets on how I work with a bride and what the process was like when I designed a collection.

My approach is largely the same but with the popularity of social media I want to have a bit more freedom in the design process creating as the mood takes me. Meaning that, for this year at least, I wont be releasing a traditional collection of bridal gowns all at once. I also want to experiment with COLOUR creating pieces that are fabulous as an addition to your wedding look and also pieces that are designed for the more Non-Traditional Bride, (no not black) Curious? You can find my mood board and colour palette HERE.

So please keep an eye on my social media for all of the wonderful new projects and designs I have planned for 2019!